Services & Offerings

Live Performances

Solo, Duo, and Full Band Performances are available

Whether you are looking to book a show for your music venue, need some tunes for the patrons at your brewery, want to add to the lineup of a festival, or would like a live performance for your private event (weddings, birthday parties, company outings, community events, etc.), Beth would be more than happy to create or compliment the mood you are looking for with her songlist of over 200 songs. For longer performances, song requests are encouraged!

Base Fee:
  • $100/hr (Solo)
  • $200/hr (Duo)
  • $300/hr (Full Band)
Additional Costs:
  • Travel
  • Learning/rehearsing songs not already listed on Beth’s Song List


Available for-hire to musicians & producers

Beth would love to work with you, your band, or your team on songwriting projects. The first meeting/consultation will happen via Google Meet at no charge. Sessions can be in-person or remote depending on your needs, budget, and location. An additional charge will be discussed for any request to remove Beth as a credited contributor on the final project.

Base Fee:
  • $55/hr (Remote)
  • $85/hr (In-Person)
Additional Costs:
  • Recordings
  • Involving other artists (including members of How’s About Charlie)
  • Ghost Songwriting Fee (to remove Beth from the credits to the final work)

Personalized Songs

One-of-a-kind, custom songs made for you and owned by you!

Beth will create a one-of-a-kind song for you. Upon making a purchase for a personalized song Beth will confirm a timeline and schedule with you for an initial call, concept request, rough recording, and the final project. The concept request (to be fulfilled by the client) can be anything from a story, description of a person, or a conversation with Beth where she’ll pick your brain. In the end you’ll have a completely personalized song for yourself or to give as a gift.

Base Fee:
  • $150-250
Additional Costs:
  • Involving other artists (including members of How’s About Charlie)
  • Additional instrumentation (standard songs come with one instrument)

Music Workshop

Discover a side of your organization you never knew existed

Beth’s music workshop can be for any type of organization that wants to have fun, get to know themselves and the organization better, and try something completely different. In this workshop your group will work with Beth on creating an anthem for your organization. At the end of the workshop Beth will perform the finished product for you and provide key takeaway points to your team.

Base Fee:
  • Negotiable depending on size, budget, and length of workshop
Additional Costs:
  • Recording and Producing the final product
  • Additional workshops
  • Additional facilitators (for groups greater than 30 people)

Common questions

Beth is located in Providence, RI where she plays locally often. We welcome any opportunity to travel for a booking as Beth loves to perform at new venues and sing for new faces.

Beth frequently plays at Providence favorites Askew and The Parlour. She can also be found at various breweries such as Shaidzon and The Guild. Check our Shows page to see where you can catch her next.

Go to the Music page to find Beth’s music as well as that of her band, How’s About Charlie.

You can also catch live performances on Twitch where you can make song requests from Beth’s songlist of over 200 songs.

Beth’s band, How’s About Charlie has recordings available for purchase while Beth is currently working on her first full-length solo album. Visit the Music page to find recordings from both Beth as a solo artist as well as How’s About Charlie.

Beth’s music workshop is tailored for the organization or group booking it. It can work for any group setting in which you want members to engage, have fun, or if you’re looking for people to be introspective about the organization as a whole. Everyone participating will have fun from start to finish, and will have contributed to a song that Beth will perform at the end of the event.

Beth’s personalized songs are written for you, about you, about a friend, or any topic you wish. You can give her a prompt, tell her a story, or give her a general mood to go off of. While there are some factors that determine the cost, they generally range between $150-250 for a standard 2-4 minute recording.

For an additional fee Beth can add additional voices or instrumentation to your personalized song (for instance if you’d like it to be a duet with a second voice or for her bandmate to add percussion).

Hope to chat soon!