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Born and raised in Thomaston, Connecticut, Beth’s love for music, theater, the arts, and performing were passed down to her by her parents, who sang in the folk duo Natchez Trace and performed in the children’s theater troop The Applewinks. All three Killian kids grew up around music, and Beth began to teach herself guitar when she was 17.

In college, Beth began performing as part of The Cub, a 4-peice band consisting of college buddies. It was at this time that she truly began to come into her own as a songwriter. Years later, after a time admiring each other as solo performers, Beth formed a 3-peice group called The Fates with Nic Gauthier & Amanda Centrella. The Fates would eventually become How’s About Charlie, with the addition of Aaron Bedard on percussion. How’s About Charlie currently performs throughout New England and beyond. 

Beth obtained her Masters degree in Social Work in 2020 specializing in Geriatric and Palliative Care, and utilizes music as a tool for healing, connection, and joy in her work with youth, young adults, and elders. She worked as as a full time workshop facilitator and manager at an arts & mental health nonprofit shortly thereafter, where she used expressive arts to create spaces for youth and young adults to explore mental wellness and destigmatize conversations around mental illness. 

Throughout all of her roles, music continues to be Beth’s passion. Whether it be creating silly one-time-only songs for friends, leading connective music programming at memory care units, writing and sharing something cathartic when emotions are bottled up, or pulling thoughts from people who swear they aren’t musically inclined and turning their words into a song for them to be proud of, her hope is to continue to use music as a tool for connection and creation. 

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Some Fun Info About Beth

Music Workshops

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Beth’s flexible songwriting workshops are designed to improve a business or team from within. Your team will benefit in more ways than one while engaging in storytelling, creativity, and unique songwriting processes Beth has been perfecting for years. 

Ordained in all 50 states

looking to get hitched?

Looking to book Beth for your wedding? Well, you should know she’s open to pulling double-duty! She’ll officiate your wedding, sing at your reception or ceremony, and maybe drive your “just married” limo if you ask nicely (but please don’t, she’s an awful driver).

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Come join the Rue Crew!

On occasion you can catch Beth workshopping songs, practicing with new instruments, looping songs, and performing from a diverse song list on Twitch! She currently streams on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings. Join the fun here.

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